Sunday 1 September, 2019 at 2.30pm

Barr Smith Library Reading Room, University of Adelaide 

Lumina Vocal Ensemble and the Friends of Barr Smith Library present a Benefit for the Barr Smith Library - Proceeds to the Barr Smith Library Annual Appeal

Madrigals are like libraries–something for every mood. From Renaissance Italy, France and England these part songs explore the full gamut of emotion—the peaks and troughs of happiness, delight and pleasure, grief, sadness and melancholy, inspiration, passion and humour.  

The Barr Smith Reading Room is one of our very favourite places to sing and it is with great pleasure that we will sing some of these much-loved part songs as a benefit for this wonderful library. Join us for a delightful afternoon of music, wine and nibbles as we evoke the passing seasons and feel the emotions of a world that is both distant and familiar in this glorious acoustic.  Madrigals from Morley, Gibbons, Dowland, Monteverdi, Josquin and more

Full $35, Concession $25 includes glass of wine • raffle prize tickets $5

Book at the Friends of the Barr Smith Library or pay at the door

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Sumer is icumen in: Anon

Lay a Garland: Pearsall

Puis qu'en oubli: Machaut

Three Ravens: Rachel Sag

The Lover's Ghost: Ralph Vaughan Williams







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