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The Eternal Struggle - Striving for Perfection


Striving for Perfection


...I volunteered for this.

The Eternal Struggle - The Truth of Demonic Existence

The Truth of Demonic Existence

Cold, so cold. It seeps into the bones.
Desolate. Devoid of light, warmth, love.
Why am I here?
I'm all alone, unloved, forgotten.
What did I do to deserve this?
Is it a punishment?

The Eternal Struggle - The Common Perception of Demons

The Common Perception of Demons

We dance around the fires of hell,
We tempt and trick you with our games,
We're sly and wily, we lie so well,
We're here to drag you down to the flames!

Ah, ha, ha, ah, ha, ha,
Ah, ha, ha, see them burning,
Ah, ha, ha, hear them shrieking,
Ah, ha, ha, music to our ears!

Speak Of The Devil


Speak Of The Devil

Speak of the Devil and he's bound to appear
Wearing high fashion on a catwalk near here.
Speak of the Devil and he's bound to appear.
The Devil wears Prada, or didn't you hear?

Who in the devil is the Devil anyway?
Is the Devil such a demon
or is he just portrayed that way?
What's in a name? Could it just be
that the Devil's only evil with a capital D?

Our Composers

The members of Lumina each bring their own special skills and abilities to the Ensemble, but the choir is particularly proud of the talents of its composers.  As the compositions and arrangements of these extraordinary women deserve a wider audience, we use this opportunity to offer them to the public and other choir who might be interested.  Music scores can be purchased through this site in the "Music Scores On-line" section.

Australian Soundscapes

$20 plus $3 postage & packaging


Anna Pope
Rachel Sag, Sheila McCarthy, Carolyn Wilkins Penny Dally, Rosemary Byron-Scott, Anna Pope
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