The Eternal Struggle - Striving for Perfection


Striving for Perfection


...I volunteered for this.

I remember now.
I chose to experience the worst
that the universe could impart.
The shackles of forgetfulness have fallen.
The knowledge I lost fills me once more.
My redemption is finally at hand!
My senses awaken;
I can feel warmth return to my limbs.
Hope and love, unconditional love
start to fill my soul.
My wings begin to unfurl;
I feel them tingling with energy.
At last, at last I can ascend from this place!
My soul lightens, my feet leave the ground.
My ears hear the strains of heavenly music,
My wings beat as I surge aloft
to join the celestial harmonies.

...Et omnia peccata daemonis in tribulatione dimittis... [and who forgives all the sins of suffering demons]

I am reunited with my confrères,
we meld, merge, mingle to become one.
We soar ever upward,
filled with the essence of the universe.
We are light, we are one with all things.
Our love touches everything.
The evolution of our souls is everlasting,
as we journey onward through creation.
At last, at last we have returned to our place!

Saam Thorne, 2010