The Eternal Struggle - The Truth of Demonic Existence

The Truth of Demonic Existence

Cold, so cold. It seeps into the bones.
Desolate. Devoid of light, warmth, love.
Why am I here?
I'm all alone, unloved, forgotten.
What did I do to deserve this?
Is it a punishment?

My countenance reflects my inner repulsiveness.
Was I always this abhorrent, or have my foul deeds shaped me?
Why do I do such loathsome things, take pleasure in others' pain?
What makes me so evil?
How can I be malevolent if I feel remorse?
Am I doomed to this state for eternity?
Is there hope for one such as I?
Why am I here?
What purpose do I serve?

Wait, I recall glimpses of a time before.
Was this me?
Did I dwell in harmony and light?
How then did I come to this plane?

I volunteered for this ...?

Saam Thorne, 2010